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Community Studies

Pearl Day Bach papers on Hazel Green Academy, 1891-1966

These are the papers of Pearl Day Bach, a 1905 graduate of Hazel Green Academy in Hazel Green, Kentucky. Bach was responsible for coordinating the activities of the Former Students Association of Hazel Green Academy, serving as president in 1951-1952, and acting as historian of the association during most of its existence (beginning in 1940). The papers deal primarily with the Former Students Association and its Annual Homecoming, but also document the history of the Academy and the town of Hazel Green itself. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant.

James S. Brown papers, 1917-2005

Throughout his academic career, sociologist and longtime University of Kentucky faculty member, James S. Brown made intensive studies of community life in eastern Kentucky. Set in Clay and Lee Counties, his "Beech Creek" studies constitute significant longitudinal research on kinship structure, social change, and migration in a 20th century American rural community. Materials include Brown's field notes from the Beech Creek work as well as other research and data, correspondence, publications, presentations and lectures, memorabilia, and photographs. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant.

Community Action in Appalachia: An Appraisal of the "War on Poverty" in a Rural Setting of Southeastern Kentucky reports, 1968

A 13 volume assessment of the Kentucky War on Poverty program. This collection has been digitized; please see links to individual reports below.

Unit 1. Quality of Life in Rural Poverty Areas
Unit 2. Economic Progress in an Appalachian County: The Relationship Between Economic and Social Change
Unit 3. A Selective Description of a Knox County Mountain Neighborhood
Unit 4. Family Life Styles, Social Participation, and Socio-Cultural Change
Unit 5. Poverty, Participation, and Political Socialization
Unit 6. The Youth Development Program
Unit 7. Modernization of Life Styles
Unit 8. Leadership and Community Relations
Unit 9. The "Image" of the Knox County Community Action Program
Unit 10. The Knox County Economic Opportunity Council Anti-Poverty Arts and Crafts Store Program
Unit 11. The Early Childhood Program
Unit 12. The Health Education Program
Unit 13. Recent Home Construction in Two Appalachian Counties

The Jenkins, Kentucky Photographic Collection, 1911-1930

The Jenkins, Kentucky Photographic Collection, 1911-1930 is a visual history of the coal-mining community. Originally photographed for Consolidation Coal Company, the 204 images document life in Jenkins from 1911 to 1913. This collection has been digitized.

Marion Pearsall Collection, 1910-1984

This collection consists almost entirely of printed (both journal and newspaper articles), typed, and handwritten paper materials and a small assortment of postcards and letters, formerly belonging to Marion Pearsall, a University of Kentucky Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and Behavioral Science 1958 to 1983. Her teaching and research concentration was in rural sociology and technological development, primarily from the perspective of the health care and health delivery industry.