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Regional & Economic Development

Appalachian Regional Commission, 1965-2010

Passed by Congress in 1965, the Appalachian Regional Development Act established the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to plan and manage economic development in the region. ARC concentrates its efforts in two major areas. The highway program, which annually receives about two-thirds of the ARC's funds, provides for construction of the Appalachian Development Highway System. The other major program, area development, provides grants for education and health care, water and sewer systems, housing, child development, enterprise development, natural resources development, and research on topics related to the region's economic development. 

Albert B. "Happy" Chandler Collection, 1920-1974

The public career of Albert B. "Happy" Chandler began in 1928 and spanned a fifty year period, highlighted by two terms as Governor of Kentucky, six years as United States Senator and a tenure as Commissioner of Baseball. 

Earle C. Clements Collection, 1922-1988

Clements served as Member of Congress (1944-1947), Governor of Kentucky (1947-1950). and U.S. Senator (1951-1956). He generally supported Democratic party measures.

Bert T. Combs Collection, 1959-1990

This collection primarily documents Combs' term as Governor of Kentucky from 1959-1963, but also covers, to a lesser extent, his other political activities. 

Commission on Religion on Appalachia (CORA) records, 1935-1988

The Commission on Religion in Appalachia (CORA), was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1965 and worked in the region until 2006. CORA, through ecumenical committees and task forces, raised funds and developed programs to help combat housing, labor, health, and environmental issues in Appalachia. This collection includes photographs, audio and film recordings, grant proposal and reports, meeting minutes and resolutions documenting the many successful efforts heralded by CORA and churches throughout Appalachia. 

George H. Goodman and Edwin J. Paxton papers, 1911-1950

This collection contains the papers and photographs of George H. Goodman and Edwin J. Paxton, consecutive owners of the Paducah News-Democrat. The collection includes just a small amount of Edwin Paxton's correspondence, with most of the materials pertaining to George Goodman and his tenure as director of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in Kentucky from 1934 through 1941. Included are correspondence, clippings, photographs, financial statements for the News-Democrat, and testimony and affidavits concerning charges made by Governor A.B. Chandler that the Kentucky WPA pressured its employees to support Alben Barkley in the 1938 Democratic Senatorial primary. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant.

Goodman-Paxton Photographic Collection, 1934-1942

The collection consists of 5699 black and white photographic prints, taken for and under the direction of George Goodman, Director of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in Kentucky. Cover in the years 1934 to 1942, these images document the accomplishments of the WPA within the state. Views of building and road construction predominate, although photographs of people enrolled in various WPA training programs are located at the end of each album. The collection documents the construction of schools, hospitals, courthouses, libraries, and municipal buildings. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant. This collection has been digitized and is available on ExploreUK.

Henry Clay McDowell papers, 1827-1899

The Henry Clay McDowell papers (part of the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation records), include correspondence and legal and financial records that document McDowell’s development of the Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Virginia, and the Kentucky Union Land Company, the parent company of the Kentucky Union Railroad. The papers have been digitized as part of the NEH-funded Coal, Camps, & Railroads grant and is available on ExploreUK.

Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-1958

The Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection largely consists of the records of Wetherby while Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (1950-1955). The Collection also contains the Executive Orders of Wetherby's predecessor, Earle C. Clements, as well as some Wetherby records prior to and following his term as Governor. 

John D. Whisman Papers, 1936-1995

John D. Whisman was an inspirational force behind the creation of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The collection documents his involvement in the Lexington, Kentucky and United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission, the Kentucky Area Program Office, and the Presidents Appalachian Regional Commission. The collection also covers his later role as a consultant to other development and planning commissions in Kentucky and Maryland. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant.

Wilson W. Wyatt papers, 1926-1992

This collection consists of materials from 1826-1993 relating to Wilson W. Wyatt's personal and political life. Items in this collection document Wilson Wyatt's career as a lawyer, a mayor, a lieutenant governor, a political aide.