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Medicine & Public Health

Appalachian Regional Commission, 1965-2010

Passed by Congress in 1965, the Appalachian Regional Development Act established the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to plan and manage economic development in the region. ARC concentrates its efforts in two major areas. The highway program, which annually receives about two-thirds of the ARC's funds, provides for construction of the Appalachian Development Highway System. The other major program, area development, provides grants for education and health care, water and sewer systems, housing, child development, enterprise development, natural resources development, and research on topics related to the region's economic development. 

Commission on Religion on Appalachia (CORA) records, 1935-1988

The Commission on Religion in Appalachia (CORA), was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1965 and worked in the region until 2006. CORA, through ecumenical committees and task forces, raised funds and developed programs to help combat housing, labor, health, and environmental issues in Appalachia. This collection includes photographs, audio and film recordings, grant proposal and reports, meeting minutes and resolutions documenting the many successful efforts heralded by CORA and churches throughout Appalachia. 

Eastern Kentucky Health Services, Inc. records, 1975-1982

The Eastern Kentucky Health Services, Inc. records primarily consists of applications from health care facilities for financial assistance towards beginning or expanding services. Eastern Kentucky Health Services Inc. helped more than 100 personal at-home nurses, nursing homes, rural clinics, as well as community hospitals during the 1970s and 1980s. The collection also includes health care publications, handbooks and some architectural plans. The collection was arranged and described as part of the “Action in Appalachia: Revealing Public Health, Housing, and Community Development Records in the UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center” project funded by CLIR Hidden Collections grant.

Frontier Nursing Service records, 1789-1985

Mary Breckinridge founded the Frontier Nursing Service in rural Leslie County, Kentucky in 1925. This collection documents the organization's background and development and includes such materials as correspondence, minutes, reports, promotional materials, guestbooks, financial files, architectural plans, and memorabilia. There is also an accompanying collection of photographs and other audio-visual materials located in Audio-Visual Archives, as well as a collection of oral histories located in the Oral History Center. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant. The FNS quarterly bulletins have been digitized and are available on ExploreUK.

Frontier Nursing Service Medical Surveys, 1959-1971

The Frontier Nursing Service Medical Surveys (dated 1959-1971; 25.89 cubic feet, 59 boxes) contains the records from four medical surveys conducted by the eastern Kentucky healthcare provider the Frontier Nursing Service (FNS) between 1959 and 1971. The surveys, concerning birth control, family planning methods, and breast cancer in relation to breast feeding, produced over 2500 medical records. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant.

Guerrant family papers, 1850-1912, 1861-1865 (bulk dates)

Dr. Edward Owings Guerrant, a native of Mt. Sterling, Ky,  served as John Hunt Morgan's adjutant general during the Civil War, and his service with Morgan took him into the Appalachian region for the first time. After the war, he returned to Mt. Sterling with his wife, and, after a "miraculous" cure from a serious illness, determined to attend a seminary and become a minister. He soon returned to Appalachia and founded churches, schools, missions and orphanages. He held medical clinics during the two-hour recesses in his church meetings. His son, Edward Putney Guerrant, also studied medicine and practiced in the mountains. He founded the Guerrant Mission Clinic Hospital in Winchester during the 1920s in memory of his father.

History of Emergency Services in Owsley County, 2005

Dustin Cooper donated this collection to the Appalachian Archives in September of 2005. It was originally submitted to Appalachian Studies and Sociology professor, Dwight Billings, as a Sociology of Coal Field Life class project. The collection includes digital prints with accompanying manuscript and video presentations describing the establishment of emergency services in Owsley County, Kentucky.

Belinda Mason papers, 1978-2000

Belinda Mason, native of Eastern Kentucky, was an author and AIDS activist. This collection contains completed manuscripts and drafts of her literary writing, including plays, poetry, monologues, a novel, and short stories. Also included are biographical clippings, obituaries, documentation of Mason's work with the National Commission on AIDS, and information on "Belinda", a documentary film about Mason that was produced by Appalshop.

Frances Jewell McVey papers, 1858-1953

Frances Jewell McVey held several positions at the University of Kentucky, beginning as a professor in the English Department from 1915-1921, then as the Dean of Women from 1921-1923. In 1923, she married then President of UK, Frank LeRond McVey. With a background in English literature, Frances Jewell McVey was also a dedicated author. She wrote serial travel and history pieces, short fiction and essays, many of which were published in magazines of the time. Her research files include photographs dating from the 1920s-1930s of Pine Mountain Settlement School, the Frontier Nursing Service, and Mary Breckinridge.

Linda Neville papers, 1783-1974

These papers represent the life and work of Linda Neville, whose vocation was the welfare of children and the prevention of blindness in Kentucky. Papers include such materials as financial and business records, patient case records, correspondence, publications, news clippings, personal memorabilia, and photographs. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant.

Marion Pearsall Collection, 1910-1984

This collection consists almost entirely of printed (both journal and newspaper articles), typed, and handwritten paper materials and a small assortment of postcards and letters, formerly belonging to Marion Pearsall, a University of Kentucky Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and Behavioral Science 1958 to 1983. Her teaching and research concentration was in rural sociology and technological development, primarily from the perspective of the health care and health delivery industry.

Wheelwright Collection, 1916-1979

Wheelwright, located in eastern Kentucky's Floyd County, is a town created by the coal industry. This collection contains records from three of the companies that owned Wheelwright: Inland Steel, Island Creek, and Mountain Investment. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant and will soon be digitized as part of the NEH-funded Coal, Camps, & Railroads grant

John D. Whisman Papers, 1936-1995

John D. Whisman was an inspirational force behind the creation of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The collection documents his involvement in the Lexington, Kentucky and United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission, the Kentucky Area Program Office, and the Presidents Appalachian Regional Commission. The collection also covers his later role as a consultant to other development and planning commissions in Kentucky and Maryland. This collection was arranged and described as part of the Arranging and Describing Archives Related to Appalachian History and Culture, a "We the People" NEH grant.