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UK Women: Leaders in Time -- Early Coeds

Life at the Unviersity of Kentucky for female students was quite different in the early 20th century.  

UK Women: Leaders in Time -- Sarah B. Holmes

Sarah Bennet Holmes was a leader of women nationally and at the University of Kentucky for almost four decades.  Overcoming incredible hardship, widowed with four young children, working through the Great Depression, and one of the few women to rise through the administrative ranks at UK in the early nineteenth century, Holmes served as a role model for generations of women.  

Holmes was noted for "her ability to know the girls and to be familiar with matters which needed personal attention." She was involved in a large number of organizations including the YWCA and honors societies and helped to start many programs which Dean of Women at UK.

UK Women: Leaders in Time --The Modern Struggle

While women at UK did find themselves with access to more opportunities in the late 20th century than in earlier years, many barriers and obstacles remained in their way.  Despite the advance of the national Civil Rights Movement and protests for gender equality, UK coeds had to continue their fight for equaiity for decades later.  This fight is especially seen in the arena of access to education, racial and gender equality, sport, disparity in equal pay, and the right to be protected from discrimination and harassment.


UK Women: Leaders in Time


The exhibit UK Women: Leaders in Time was created to be displayed at the Sarah Bennett Holmes Award Luncheon in the spring of 2017.  The exhibit highlights notable UK alumna, faculty, and employees who displayed remarkable strength and leadership throughout the 20th century.  The remarkable women highlighted here represent a snapshot of the strength and veractiy UK women are capable of - particularly during times of tumult and change.

Two questions tie together the central theme of this exhibit.  The two questions are "What is Real Change?" And, "When Does Real Change Occur?" This exhibit charts some of the more tumultuous times the university has undergone; for example: women being admitted to the school, women being allowed to enter all majors and live on campus, integration, Title IX, and various protest movements.  

Moving through this exhibit chronologically and thematically you will find that exact dates for real changes in inequality are difficult to find.  Instead, you will find that individual female leaders and groups of UK women fought hard for a long time for current UK community members to benefit from their struggle for a better world. 

Famous Authors in the Special Collections Research Center

A sampling of the authors whose letters are collected in the Special Collections Research Center.

Margaret Lantis: A Lifetime of Inquiry

The Margaret Lantis Collection comprises Lantis's field notes, research, publications, and professional and personal correspondence and photographs. This exhibit highlights a sampling of her major research and work emphases and provides a glimpse into the collection's rich content that chronicles 90 years of this esteemed anthropologist's life.

The first exhibit section, Margaret Lantis, provides a biographical sketch of Lantis's life and career; while the subsequent sections spotlight prominent collection series.