Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair, an American author best known for his novel "The Jungle," writes to his wife Craig to ask her not to cash a check, because he has accidentally nearly overdrawn his account and is now stuck with only $2 remaining. 

Letter from Upton Sinclair to Craig Sinclair (Page 1)

Page 1 of letter from Upton Sinclair to Craig Sinclair
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Jan. 27th


I am in a pickle owing to having made an error in adding up my bank account. Same old story -- no need to go into details, suffice it to say that I have sworn off on that once more -- I mean on not keeping my bank book carefully. Well, I had overdrawn my account. I had to hustle up and deposit a New York check, the last cent I had in New York. That makes the check I sent you N.G. I relied upon sending you a wire not too cash it, but -- horror of horrors -- I find that the wires are down from the new and worse storm that is raging, and I can't wire you, and either your check or the one I gave the bank will be N.G. I am sending you this letter in a rush, also I am writing Pris to deposit 30 for me the instant she gets my letter. She will do this, no doubt; so you, if you have not vashed the check I sent you, make it over to Pris and mail it to her, 47 Claremont Avenue, N.Y. to reimburse her. I am telling her not to cash it if she has not deposited the money for me. Damn! I may be these hellish rains will stop, and I'll be able to get a wire through to you. I am stuck here with $2. -- will have to borrow a little from the Fentons or some one. Brennan's check should be on the way, so that will clear it all up. I am surely going to economise and put an end to all this mess. I am really and truly through with it.

My little house is leaking under all the doors, and I am being driven to the center. If it keeps up I shall have to climb up and live on the table. Such rains 
never seen in the history of the country. Don't I beat the Dutch?

But I'm still doing the book. Have only 20,00 words more to do. Lots of love to
you, and try not to let your dear blessed self be too much worried by this money


Letter from Upton Sinclair to Craig Sinclair (Page 2)

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I think I had better not take the remotest chance of my falling down on that check I deposited here. If you have cahhed the check I sent you, please wire Pris at New York can she deposit 30 on my account Commercial Trust Co. will return in a few days, answer collect. And if she cannot do it, you will have to wire the Judge to wire 30 to my account at N.Y. I think you will agree with me that if we are to live here, we don't want to start off with this sort of misadventure; it is better to trouble the Judge, is it not? Of course if you have 30 yourself you can wire it to N.Y. for me and save the bothers. I am so sorry to have to bother you with all this. I thought I was simply going to send you a wire not to cash check -- as there has not yet been time for it to have reached you, well, forgive me and try to believe that I have really learned some sense and am going to save my money and get ahead! I really am.