Jesse Stuart

This 1963 letter from American (Appalachian) author Jesse Stuart to Carlton and Cecilia Wells illustrates the author's joviality. Stuart encourages the Wells' to enjoy their travels and to make the most of their trip.

Letter from Jesse Stuart to Carlton and Cecilia Wells

Letter from Jesse Stuart to Carlton and Cecilia Wells, April 6, 1963
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Greenup, Ky.

April 6, 1963

Dear Carlton and Cecilia:

Not until you were on your way to Europe did I know you were off to your Europe! I’ve just got your Christmas Card with a note – yes your Christmas card for December I got here in April along with others! It followed me around the world!

Have a great time on this trip! I’m glad you are going to Poland! In fact I’m glad you’re going to Europe. You’ll have good food, good beds, good travel. Europe is a lot like America – for Europeans mainly have made America! When you get to the near East, Middle East and Far East up near the Russian border – then you get the change. Never saw anything like it.

What is better than travel! See everything – love, live and enjoy while you can! My very best to you! This will reach you I hope in Europe. Sincerely, Jesse Stuart