Collaboration and Dual Roles

Nothing to HIde

"Nothing to Hide," Broadside series: "Four," Gnomon Press; photograph, Dobree Adams; poem, Jonathan Greene from "Heart Matters."

"Nothing to Hide," Gnomon Press; poem by Jonathan Greene, photograph by Dobree Adams 

The husband and wife team of Jonathan Greene and Dobree Adams seems to be an obvious partnership between poet/printer and artist.   Adams, a photographer and weaver, began using her husband’s poems next to her artwork during exhibitions.  This simple gesture led to the broadside series which featured Adams' photographs with Greene’s poems.  The broadsides allow the printer to experiment with both type and layout.

How to Find Us

"How to Find Us," Broadside series: "Eight," Gnomon Press; photograph, Dobree Adams; poem Jonathan Greene.

"How to Find Us," Gnomon Press; poem by Jonathan Green, photography by Dobree Adams

At times, the collaboration between poet and photographer yields the desired combination quickly; at other times the search for the perfect photograph and poem can be a more involved process.  With the poem “How to Find Us,” Greene had a vision of the farm in mind for the broadside.   To capture his vision, he suggested Adams take the photograph from the barn loft, but she was not satisfied with the results.   She then countered with a photograph taken at the opening out of a river bottom, but this did not match Greene’s vision either.   Finally they arrived at the photograph that contained ground fog, which they both felt was perfect for the broadside.  The collaborative process presents challenges that often reveal solutions that surpass the vision of the individual.