Verse in Type

1             Introduction

2             Table of Contents

3 - 6       Type as Visual Form

7             Concrete or Shape Poetry

8             Artist Books

9 -12      Collaboration and Dual Roles

13-14     Collaboration with Organizations 

15           Exhibitors


Special Thanks to the contributors for cooperation and assistance in the interview process. 

Travis DuPriest – poet and printer, Southport Press

Arthur Graham – Polyglot Press

Jonathan Greene – poet and printer, Gnomon Press

Paul Holbrook, Director of the King Library Press

Deborah Kessler – October Press

George Ella Lyon – Kentucky Poet Laureate 2015

Richard Taylor – Kentucky Poet Laureate 1999

Carolyn Whitesel –poet, bookbinder, illustrator, Yellowbird Editions

Gray Zeitz – poet and printer, Larkspur Press

Special thanks to Gail Kennedy, curator of the physical exhibit "Verse in Type," for coordinating and providing information for the digital exhibit.

Also, special thanks to Paul Holbrook for taking the time to give a tour and history of the King Library Press