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Verse in Type

 This image visually represents "Verse in Type."  On the left is the galley tray containing George Ella Lyon's poem, “Fallingwater,” set in Hermann Zapf's Neon Palatino type.  The title is set in Victor Hammer's Ratdolt Titling type.  On the right is the printed broadside of the poem.  Photograph by Crystal Heis.


Verse in Type:  Poets & Printers, An Artistic Affinity 

This digital exhibit is a complement to the physical exhibit “Verse in Type: Poets & Printers, an Artistic Affinity,” an exhibition of poetry, books, and broadsides printed at the King Library Press and other fine presses founded by the former apprentices and associates of Press.  The exhibit was presented by the University of Kentucky Libraries’ King Library Press at Clark Art and Antiques from April 26 to May 10, 2015.  

The digital exhibit features digital presentations of selected objects from the physical exhibit, as well as brief commentary based on interviews with the contributing poets, printers, and artists.  The exhibit further explores notions of type as visual form, its refinement into shape poetry, and several examples of types of collaborative efforts of poets, printers, and artists.  

Selected materials from the physical exhibit include works by King Library Press, Alex Brooks, Travis DuPriest, Arthur Graham, Jonathan Greene, Deborah Kessler, Carolyn Whitesel, and Gray Zeitz.  As part of a creative independent study, interviews were conducted with these contributors to offer further insight into the choices, processes, and collaborative experiences that inform their work.  The quotes found throughout the exhibit are from these interviews.  From paper, ink, and type face selection; to line, column, and page composition; to interpretation, translation and inspiration; the intermix of poets and printers offers a wealth of material to delight.

 This exhibit was created by Erin Reed, graduate student in Art History, University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts, spring semester 2015.

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